Magical Elance job posts.

This morning was an unusually early start for me, (and Caroline) we were out and about at a horizon cracking 9:30am!
We had decided to try out the coffee at Skotteljons, the new little coffee shop across from Richard’s place. Coffee is too weak. As my luck would have it, I can still pick up Richard’s wifi from over the road, sadly the speed is pretty dismal.

As I usually do in the wee hours of the early morning, I was sitting on Elance, doing Elance things. For those of you who don’t know what Elance is, it’s the online platform that I do most of my work through. It allows potential clients to post projects that the masses of freelancers around the world can apply to through the very illustrious process of bidding. Bidding pits freelancers against each other, forcing prices lower and lower, while raising expectations higher and higher. Magical.

Today I got an invitation to apply to a job. (I was going to type everything out, but I think a screen shot works better.)
Please. Read. In my voice.

That felt surprisingly good.

All that aside, this morning was spent teasing the poor woman at Skotteljons, having pretty good breakfast, (weak coffee aside) and doing internet things.

Good morning.


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