It was fun while it lasted.

Today was meant to be my first ‘big’ cycle in over a year. My goal was 20km or over, and I would have done it too! I was feeling good, I had the time, I was looking forward to it. Here’s what happened:

0.0km – I leave home, cycling on toward the Daunting Hoekwil Hill. (Conquering it at a slow 60km/h) I continued down and left away from Wilderness, Caroline, and the car that would take me back up Daunting Hoekwil Hill.
4.7km – I continue toward Die Vlei – what a great road to cycle! Trudging on with Island Lake to my right, and the old train tracks on my left, I hit a T in the road. This is where I planned to start for the highway, so I turn right, cycling until the road became tar.

6.8km – I decide to explore.

Down I go, down a nameless road that turns to dirt, then mud, then bush and pot-holes. Boy do I like me some pot-holes!
Weaving along the most viable route I eventually crest a small hill. Out in the open now, I look over the Touws River with the next lake in the distance. Sadly, this was the end of the road. (It turns out this was a good thing, too)
9,9km – I make my way back down Pot-Hole Road and up to the highway where I turn towards Wilderness.
15.1km – I emerge a little further than I had expected – just beyond Kleinkrantz. Realising I still had a ways to go, I cross the N2 and continue my trek. Those hills don’t feel so bad when you’re in a car, but when you’ve just done 15km…. it’s another story. I pedantically push my pedals, hill after hill. I keep my head down so I don’t have to look at the next, bigger, bigger hill. Also my neck is sore from those pot-holes.

17.5km – Suddenly! I veer off to the left. Correct myself. I veer off again! Something’s wrong… I hop off my bike to have a look.
Disaster! The worst possible thing (besides getting mugged or hit by a car or something) has happened! My front tyre is completely flat! Thinking back, I realise it must have been Pot-Hole Road… sigh.
I see about 7 thorns stuck in my front tyre and another 5 in the back. I begin the significantly less fun trudge onward, accompanied by a high whistle.
I let Caroline know.

Two and a half kilometers short of my goal, Caroline picked me up. What a disappointing end to such a great ride.
Now I just need to sort out my tubes, and hopefully figure out a way of preventing future punctures. Any ideas?


7 thoughts on “It was fun while it lasted.

    1. If only there was another bicycle somewhere, going unridden, gathering dust… I could have salvaged some inner tubes for mine. Alas, there isn’t a bicycle somewhere, sitting in a dark room, with other bicycles. Left alone. Day after day. ignored.

  1. Hiya! I don’t know all that much about bicycles, but I do remember my dad buying me foam rings in place of inner tubes. I don’t know if that’s a viable option for you though, it may change things quite drastically. I was quite young at the time so I didn’t notice any difference…

    1. Those are permatubes. I’ve gone and read up on them actually, I also had them as a kid, and again as a not-so-kid.
      Those would sort out the puncture issue, but they’d also cause an issue or two. They’re solid, which means all the force of any little/ginormous bump gets shunted straight into the rims. (and you.) They’re alright for little kids, but I’m a little heavier. I’d mess up my rims, and probably a lot more of my bicycle, very quickly.

      I’ve settled for new tubes and some sludge. (Lovely, thick slime that clogs up the punctures from the inside of the tube.)

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