Dusting off ye olde keyboard

I’d forgotten about this site! Though, not without good reason… I had a spot of work and then a far-too-long holiday, which I’m still recovering from. I don’t seem to handle going from the one extreme (workallthetimedon’tsleep!) to the other (a month long holiday away from home). I’m slowly getting back on Motivation, My Trusty Steed – I’ve started wrapping my head around 3D modelling!

3D modelling is a little like clay sculpting if you were doing it with a sheet of paper… that doesn’t always cooperate. Instead of uncooperative paper-clay, you have vertices (points), edges (connecting lines), and faces (the flat space between edges), with which to try and make something cohesive.
So far I’ve modelled Trogdor Slime (yup! one beefy arm).  He has grey skin, grey nails, grey goo doohickeys, and grey dangley bits – I haven’t learnt how to skin models yet (skinning is adding things like colour and texture to a model).
What I have learnt how to do is add bones! These work in much the way you’d expect, you pop the bones along limbs and other areas you want to be able to move, link the model to the bones, and you have yourself a movable, pose-able slime! So instead of having just one position to admire, I can move each individual bone to reposition Slimey Mcslimerson any way I want. Look!


Leftie here has no bones, this is how I originally modelled him. Rightie on the other hand, has bones and has been repositioned. Neat!

I have since modelled a couple of other things – another, incomplete monster that I plan on skinning and animating once I know how, and a super cheesy mountain complete with the Moon in the background!

On top of learning how to model, I’ve got a list of other things that I’m attending to. The first of which is to download a small program that can help me keep track of my list of other things to attend to (suggestions are welcome). If you’re interested in what these might be, keep reading. If not, skip to the bottom of the page, there is a pretty picture for you to look at.


Download personal organiser program.
Finish Carrie-Lion illustrations.
Finish building the homeless bicycle shelter.
Finish my website and do something with it.
Exercise! …you fatty.
Actually use personal organiser program.
Put up pretty picture for people who aren’t interested in list.

As you can probably guess, Motivation, My Trusty Steed is quite a high horse to get onto, and my ladder is currently in a storage garage somewhere in George. Hmm.

In other news, my UCT Graphic Design certificate arrived a couple of weeks ago! I’m quite pleased that it’s heftily branded with UCT stuff, disappointed that it doesn’t actually include my very high mark.

Anyway, I think I’ll go cross off exercise for today, and work on Carrie-Lion when I get back.
As promised, a pretty picture!



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