Today Never Happened

…And not in the way that that one new years day never happened, thankfully. No, today didn’t happen in the way that sick days don’t happen – they don’t get spent wandering aimlessly in and around the house, and they certainly don’t get spent on the couch almost entirely horizontal.

Hypothetically, if today had happened, I would have woken up for the usual rubbish ritual (taking our bags up to the neighbors because the refuse guys refuse to walk down our teeny weeny little hill), I would somehow manage to empty out the large box of trash that’s been fermenting in the yard since we’ve moved in, I’d take down the fence around the no-longer-a-garden, send out a couple job proposals on Elance, and draw that wicked owl you see up top – all while being unconscious. Not the most productive day, but for a day that didn’t actually happen it would be pretty good!

I’m waiting eagerly to be able to finish up the Carrie Lion book – I’m anxious to finish, publish, add it to my portfolio, and hopefully sell a few copies somewhere in between. On top of that, I have an awful idea of my own that I’m slowly working on, it’ll be far simpler and far more generic, but it will definitely be something I can show off (a little). I may upload it here once it’s done, then you can all laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh…

Caroline and I are vegging on the couch, finishing up what Defiance we have, (new scifi series) and I’m not all that impressed (Sorry Tanya). It’s a cool concept but it’s too dramatic, the CGI leaves much to be desired, and the new alien critters are all teeth and locomotion. They all fall the same, jump the same, and walk the same. If you’re going to try and build a new, alien war-torn earth, the least you could do is spend a little extra on variance. The different aliens are really based off of earth cultures (Japanese, nomad hippy bikers, clever tech folk, dwarves, apes, and violence make up the Votanis Collective). Yeah, I know, so is every other scifi ever. Maybe Defiance is too blatant for my picky tastes, or maybe I’m just missing most of it.

I wonder when another Startrek series is getting made…


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