Misplaced Nostalgia

I can’t quite figure out how to start this post off. It’s not nearly as sarcastic or dragon orientated as the previous posts – at least it’s not intended to be.

Anyway, here goes… sorry…

I’ve been pretty down in the dumps lately (just ask Caroline) without much reason, apparently. Along with that, I’ve been feeling nostalgic for what, I don’t really know. At times it’s for Melville, though I know that can’t be the case. Cramped (very very very cramped) flat, no money, no space outside, Those who have been ‘here’ and in Jo’burg will know what I mean. The giant web of roads saturated in angry drivers didn’t help, and neither did all the broken glass on the side walks. Bare feet don’t work in Jo’burg,
It’s definitely not for Pretoria. Young(er), far more stubborn, and like, totally super dumb me… coupled with living under the cleanliest iron rule this side of everywhere ever – and working for it, too!
Empangeni isn’t even a blip on the radar. It’s not even a blip on the radar that looks for things that aren’t blips on radars. It’s not even a blip on that radars not-even-a-blip radar.

Sometimes I think that I feel nostalgia for the feeling of productivity. Which is possible, though, I’ve been working on the wedding venue (it’s in our forest), my business venture/website with The Pixie Fairy (my school friend), stock images (kind of), learning 3D modelling (it’s a lot), and data entry (ok, that one doesn’t REALLY count). I’m even making mead!

Sadly though, work is slow. Maybe that’s it.

Maybe it’s the bad flu I’ve been hit with. I’ve got no energy, I get tired walking to the bottom of our yard and back. I’ve got no willpower, yet somehow, I managed to walk to the bottom of our yard and back! I’ve got no air through my nose, which means… no cycling!
In any case, this is the first evening in about a week where I’ve felt decent – sherry and the heaviest of metal probably help that!

I’ve felt hanging nostalgia for friends which (as anybody who knows me can tell you) is pretty unusual. It’s unusual enough for me not to know how to elaborate.

In other news! I cut my hair short again, so I now look like the dodgy guy you wouldn’t leave your kid/favorite device around unattended. I’ve shortened my beard, swopped my two PC’s desks (which feels much better), and started drawing on paper again! big big steps toward something I hope isn’t child/favorite device abducting.

I actually wrote this post about a week ago, but didn’t have the will to get/draw a decent picture for it. Thankfully, I’ve been enjoying my drawing loads again! Just yesterday I did the cover image (which some of you may recognise as fanart for The Binding of Isaac), plus this crabby fellow.


His linework has been sitting in my art folder, waiting for ages upon ages to be coloured. I’ve ALSO started on a picture of the Synonym Sheriff! Who is spawned from a Cinnamon Serif. Which is spawned from the darkest, deepest, recesses of the mind (It was one of the Pixie Fairy’s favorite ideas for our website name), it will be uploaded once it’s done.

I have also been feeling much better. Thank you for asking. You may now leave me with praises of my artistic prowess.


One thought on “Misplaced Nostalgia

  1. Such praise. Very impressed. Nicely done bro, I like Mr. Crabs 🙂 I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I hope you go and cycle and stuff!

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