Kid’s books and bee stings!

Sadly, the post isn’t quite as random as the title may suggest. It really is about kid’s books and bee stings.

You’re probably sick of hearing about Carrie the Limping Lion, which is why I’ll get that out of the way first! For those of you who don’t want to read ‘more’ about it, feel free to skip ahead, I won’t even know you did it.

Carrie’s cover…

…is done! It looks like this:
Don't scroll over me!
This version is most likely very close to what the final will be. There are a couple small things that bug me that you probably wouldn’t even notice. As for the rest of the books illustrations, they’re coming along. I have 2 and a half left to do along with doodles for the back pages, which are barely mentionable. We still need to actually decide on how the final ebook will be put together – I think doing it in html (a web page that is read from the device) would be cool, and I know a fair bit of html already! I think that’s all I have to say about Carrie for the time being.

P.S Input is always sometimes appreciated when it isn’t rubbish.

Timmy the Tortoise!

His cover is also done! This one looks like this:Timmy-01There will most likely be many changes by the time this post is actually done.
The green balloon needs to change… definitely.

I don’t think many of you know of this book. It’s written by a rather odd bloke from far away, and is about a wee little tortoise and his first venture into the world. It’s light-hearted and simple, and will hopefully do well enough for me to hear about it from somebody else.
The style that was chosen is very unlike anything else I’ve done before, and I’m glad to say it’s been challenging. I’m nearing the end of the project with about 5 pages left to go and some doodads here and there.

Carri- I mean Caroline and I had an idea for a long children’s story or series based on Guppy! It will be about Guppy’s adventure after leaving home (Guppy left to have an adventure shut up!) and will involve battles and (probably) magic and swords and evil creatures bent on Guppy’s misfortune! I think it’s something I could have a lot to write about, having many sources to draw inspiration from. One of which will be The Legend of Zelda.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a series of games about a boy named Link and his battle across many life-times against the forces of evil trying to conquer the land of Hyrule – mostly. Zelda is the pansy princess who doesn’t do an awful lot. The games have a decent story and a mostly interesting way of looking at the monsters you fight. Not everything is a giant, drooling pile of muscles just waiting to beat on you… but when you do come across said pile of drooling muscles, you’re in for some trouble.

Music, puzzles, and an irritating companion are a big part of the games, which is something I’d like to bring into my stories. Not that I’m sure how to yet.

Picture this chap… except a cat.
Link_Artwork_2_(Ocarina_of_Time)…and maybe not in green. Green and cats…. brings back bad memories.

As for the bee sting. I got stung by a bee… It wasn’t his fault, he was crawling up my leg, probably trying to get off of our gross floor, and out of the way of our incessant trampling – poor fellow got murdered in the process. Now my left fore-arm is swollen and itching – still not nearly as bad as I remember bee stings to be.

Time for me to get back to work.


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