The Beering has begun!

Wilderness had a beer fest! Thousand Sensations Crafted Beer and Food Festival to be exact. This was one of the better beer fests I’ve been to in a long time, and I’m not only saying that because of what I walked (stumbled) away with, but also because the beer was good beer, made by cool people, and sold with pride! Most brewers I encountered couldn’t wait to tell me about their beer, or hear what I thought of their brew. This got me excited to finally try it out myself, so, I will be joining the Eden Brewers Club! (Yes, I met them there as well.) They’re a small, rag-tag group of brewing enthusiasts who meet in Timberlake (15 minutes from Hoekwil) to fight the villainy of Bad Booze with their own concoctions of malts, fruits, and other things!

Now, I bet you’re all dying to know what I walked away with, you know, because I have yet to tell anybody at all.

A beer brewing kit!

I have recently been bequeathed, not only a large, 100 litre copper still (which I still need to try out), but also a 30 litre beer brewing kit complete with all the goodies for a 23 litre batch of ale! Apparently people like it when I brew my brews.

The beast:

My still was *made* by the amiable Corrie and Paul out of 1 and a half old, copper geysers.
IMG_4516If you haven’t guessed it, that’s them there, in the correct order, even.
IMG_4537And this is the beast, during its first ever test run making paint thinners out of wine!

I am pleased, if intimidated, by my wedding gift. I plan to use it very soon (read, in a couple of months when all the current brewing is out of the way) and will jubilantly update the lot of you!

Caroline and I being pleased.

Caroline and I being pleased.

The beer kit (thank you Paul and mother):

Caroline and I spent the evening playing with our new toy. The kit came with the ‘this is what beer is before it’s beer’ malt extract, which is a thick, goopy syrup that smells surprisingly sweet – too sweet to be considered any kind of food. It also came with a kilogram of ‘brew enhancer’ – this stuff is made up of sugars, extra things and very important stuff for improving flavour, speed of fermentation, and head formation (or so I’m told). I used it cuz that’s what the instructions told me to do.

The beer, it is currently sitting upstairs, bubbling away into deliciousness. In a week, I’ll have to bottle the beer, and in 2 weeks, it will be ready!

I don’t know if you know this, but 23 litres of beer is a lot of beer. It’s just under 71 bottles of beer, just over 52 bigger bottles of beer, or just under 31 wine bottles filled with beer! That’s a lot of beer! I don’t know how I’m going to find bottles for all this beer, or where I’m going to store it, or even (dare I say) what I’m going to do with all of it!

Oh wait, I know what I’ll do with all of it. I’ll make a whole bunch of new friends with all my beer.


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