Stretch of Solitude: Day One

This marks the end of the first day of The Stretch of Solitude. It was all I had hoped it would be! Very little work was done, plenty of not-an-awful-lot was done.

I managed to drive all the way home from Glentana, and not die! Despite the apparent best efforts of the boob in the merc.

I watched most of a season of Shameless, a bunch of Adventure Time, and two episodes of The Mechanical Universe and Beyond… Which made me feel a little inadequate upstairs.

I chopped, and mushed two slightly matured pineapples, and boiled them up with extra water and sugar as prep for a brew. I never did get around to actually starting the brew though. Whoops.

One thing I did manage to do, is start playing around with the Guppy idea from a few posts back! For those of you who are interested, I’ll add the bit of text in at the end of the post. Any and all feedback would (probably) be greatly appreciated. I don’t exactly write much so I’d like to know where I am on the ‘tween fanfic’ to ‘grizzled author’ spectrum.


I also ate one strangely heaped Pick ‘n Pay pizza and one bowl of noodles with a bunch of eggs cooked in. Not at the same time, that would be gross.

I think that adequately sums up my day. And what a lovely day it was, I didn’t even burn the house down yet.

Right-o. Here’s the promised text. Please don’t be mean.

“Claws drawn, Guppy stalks her prey. Her face pressed to the ground, she inches forward through turf and tinder, eyes fixed on her tasty snack. Unsuspecting, her foe flits along the garden’s fence, Guppy advancing ever closer, careful not to startle this flighty morsel.

Whistling through the air, a warning comes, as Jeff descends on Gallant Guppy! Quick is her dodge as she weaves through the grass, evading the bird by the tip of her tail. Again and again he sweeps down, talons grabbing for fur, but finding only greens. She bounds for the safety of the house, leaping up steps toward the open door. Her paws hit the wooden deck as the bird’s talons connect with her side, sending her hurtling down back into the open. Startled, she bolts for the house, opting for it’s dingy underbelly. She quickly regains her stride, with Jeff in her wake. He goes for the final jab, just shaving her hip as she lunges for the entrance to her haven…”


6 thoughts on “Stretch of Solitude: Day One

  1. Guppy is quite the adventurer! I love it! It’s very fast paced and I don’t see anything that I’d change straight off the bat. And I assume Jeff has already been properly introduced or will be soon…

    1. Whoo! Jeff has not. I thought it’d break the pace a little if I stopped to introduce him. Also, that’s not really his name… I still need to come up with a decent name for him.
      They’ll both be properly introduced in the next bit, I wanted to get some kind of a scene in place first.

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