The Stretch of Solitude

Today starts my four days alone at home. Caroline is working away at an event past Mossel Bay, from today (Thursday) until Sunday.

This weekend is the first time in what is likely years, that I will be completely alone for so long. I’ve decided I will do a daily blog about my experiences with myself, so each evening, I’ll post an update to show that I haven’t died yet. I know how you worry.

Now, here’s the kicker – I should have very little work to do. I’m just finishing up Timmy the Tortoise, I’m waiting on word from Languametrics (they’re the guys I was doing all those kiddies language learning illustrations for early in this year), and I don’t foresee hearing from Austria Connection before next week.
The only project I can work on is Carrie the Limping Lion.

I’m no clairvoyant, but I sense a whole bunch of wheat and binge gaming in my near future. That, and maybe a little silent sobbing as I lay awake in my empty bed. Just a little though.

If you happen to see smoke coming from Hoekwil, you may want to check on me. I do live in a wooden house after all.


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