Stretch of Solitude: Day Two

Apparently, mother wants to know how my day went.
Mother CaresDon’t worry mother. Your concerns will be laid to rest for I did not, in fact, die.

Today was my second day all on my lonesome, and I think I did even less than yesterday!

No work at all was accomplished, which I must sadly change tomorrow.

I’m going down to Beejuice Cafe tomorrow to meet up with Stephen, Carol, (Caroline’s dad and step-mom) Peter, and Inge… without my social half.
A little context for those of you who don’t know, or have forgotten (uh-hum-mother). Peter and Inge are the brains of Austria Connection. They organise/list leisure trips and tours to many parts of Europe. Cruises, cycling tours, coach tours. That kind of thing. Peter and Inge have let technology slip by them, as many people do, so I’ve recently been helping them update their website’s content.
Tomorrow’s meeting isn’t meant to be professional, this will be the first time I meet them in person since doing work for them, so it’s going to be casual (it is a Saturday, after all).

Now, for those of you who know me well, picture me being social with Stephen, Carol (both quite Christian, and quite conservative), and an old Austrian couple, without the Caroline buffer. Hm.

I’m also going to be putting some hours into Carrie Lion tomorrow. Just under one month before it’s scheduled to be released, and I still have 2 illustrations, doodles, and formatting to finish up. Hm.

I spent today fighting with my bicycle. My brakes are back on, everything is greased up again, but my rear derailer’s popped off. The derailer is the little arm that moves the chain to change gears. Caroline and I were fiddling with it a little while back, I was trying to diagnose a wobble in the rear cog, and we pulled off the derailer to get a little more access. We did something wrong when putting it back on, obviously. I haven’t taken a look at it since it decided to lunge at the wheel. The rear cog still wobbles. Hm.

I also got around to bottling all that lovely pineapple goop I made yesterday! I have 5 bottles of goop fermenting alongside the beer bucket, and in just one month, I’ll have some pineapple bwine, and hordes of ale!

I think that pretty much sums up my day (I decided to leave out the wheat and games from this post), I’ll be more productive tomorrow.

I’m currently watching Star Trek, and soon, I want to write a little more on Guppy’s tale.

I haven’t burnt the house down yet.


P.S My camera’s batteries are flat. No pic for you today either!


7 thoughts on “Stretch of Solitude: Day Two

  1. How will you manage without the Caroline buffer? Hm.
    Just under one month before Carrie Lion is scheduled to be uploaded. Just over one month before release. Hm.
    We really should figure out that derailer… Hm. Maybe we should take your bike to Mr. Marx.
    I’m glad to hear that the house is still standing… Love you!

  2. Very interesting… Hm. Good to hear that you’re still alive, loving the daily posts! Yay beer, awwww poor bike… Looking forward to seeing what you have to say tomorrow!

  3. So you know that you have to open your mouth to communicate when you visit with people, right? Maybe you should practice in the mirror before your trip to Beejuice… Remember that it’s only working if actual sound comes out. Don’t worry, you’ve got this. 😉

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