Stretch of Solitude: Day Three

First off, my camera is having issues, so forgive the lack of lovely, pretty scenery for you to ogle.

Secondly, I think Caroline breaks my social behavior. That’s not to say that I was particularly social to begin with, but man was I social today! I spoke to 9 people today! 9 whole people!


Ok. 2 of them were waiters… and another two were shop keepers… and one was asking for help… But I’m on friendly terms with the shop keepers! Uh… at least one of them. I’m on friendly terms with the bottle store guy, ok? Shut up.

So… Anyway.

For those of you who are curious, the meeting with Stephen, Carol, Peter, and Inge went well. I was on my best behavior. Not a single crude joke or sarcastic remark was uttered from mine lips. I was pretty silent.
Plus, I had one beer in me before I even got to them. I (they) was late. I got there a while before them, but I was on the one side of the restaurant, while they were on the other. I eventually went exploring and found ’em.

On a far more important note, both of my beer batches are lookin’ good! The beer beer is not doing a heck of a lot… as it’s meant to. The pineapple beer is fizzing like sherbet, which I assume is good. I’m really looking forward to seeing how having cooked it up will (hopefully) change the flavor. I have a bottle of berry beer that’s just kind of mediocre. I’m hoping it gets better the longer I leave it. That seems to be the way these things go.

While waiting to meet with all them’s people, I wrote a little more. Here’s an updated Guppy page! Feedback is very greatly appreciated. I’d like to hear what you think about the writing as well as the content. Thank ye kindly!

And yes, as Caroline constantly points out, my spelling isn’t the best.

“With drawn claws, Guppy stalks her prey. She keeps her face pressed to the ground, out of sight, as she inches forward through the turf and tinder, eyes fixed on her tasty snack. Unsuspecting, her little foe flits along the garden’s borders looking for dropped berries from the tree above. Guppy advances a little closer, careful not to startle this flighty morsel. Something catches her eye.

Whistling through the air, the morsel’s warning comes, as Jeff descends on Gallant Guppy! Quick is her dodge as she weaves through the grass, evading the bird by the tip of her tail. Again and again he sweeps down, talons grabbing for fur, but finding only greens. She bounds for the safety of the house, leaping up steps toward the open door. Her paws hit the wooden deck as the bird’s talons connect with her side, sending her hurtling down back into the open. Startled, she bolts for the house, opting for the cover of it’s dingy underbelly. She quickly regains her stride, with Jeff in her wake. He goes for the another jab, just shaving her hip as she lunges for the entrance to her haven…

Beneath the house, Guppy finds refuge, and some time to catch her breath. Though, she cannot see him, she knows that Jeff is circling above, waiting for her to make another run for the door, which she doesn’t plan to do any time soon. There’s no hurry to go out there again – she is a cat after all, and if there’s one thing cat’s have, it’s patience. Knowing that Jeff won’t follow her into the damp, cramped spaces of her hiding place, she settles down for her third nap of the day. She is a cat, after all.

Beating the air, Jeff circles the house, even though he knows it will be hours before Guppy shows her face again.

Hailing from a proud family of aves, who ruled these skies for generations, Jeff has an image to project, and little Guppy doesn’t fit into it. It’s not that there is a cat hunting in his territory, for he cares very little about what goes on beneath his skies. It isn’t even what she was hunting that bothers him, for he cares very little about the creatures beneath his link in the food chain. What scratches at his pride, is that a small, clean, house-broken cat can send his meals fleeing in fear… toward him!

He is what sends beasts scurrying for cover, he is the fear they wake to each day, and he is the one to snuff them out! He is Jeff the Something-Or-Other!
At least he was.

While Jeff hails from his proud lineage, Guppy hails from a confused past – An uncaring and abusive family, an overbearing protector whom she’s left behind, she now finds herself in an open household with too much freedom, and very little guidance. She gets enough food each day, and a comfortable keyboard or lap to sleep on, and for a while she was content. But that has waned, and she’s become uneasy, as though she’s waiting for something to happen.

One evening, Guppy flinches awake. Still a little dazed, she slowly sits up, not sure what woke her. She begins to make her way to the open window to see what lay ahead of her tonight. It was too early, the sun was only setting now. She looked over the forested hills to the West, smelling the day’s heat still wafting up from the grass. She doesn’t know it yet, but this night is exactly what she had been waiting for.”

Ok, I’m going to spend the rest of tonight drinking beer, and watching Adventure Time. Shot a lot, bru!

P.S Even today, I STILL haven’t burnt the house down.


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