More on Kiddies Books

First off. The dishwasher wins. Hands down. It was pretty unanimous.

Today we go to look at an actual house for sale that is within our price range (with a little help for a bond). “It’s in ‘a coloured area'” The agent told us in a hushed voice. Protea Park is the area. It’s pretty close to the Garden Route mall. We have high hopes, because it would mean that we could get out from under an agent or land lord, and start investing in a place that’s actually ours – even if it is less than stellar. Hold thumbs!

I have finished illustrating a (if rather short) kids book! No, not Carrie Lion… Timmy the Tortoise! It’s not quite ‘out there’ yet, it’s still being put into an epub, and I’m not sure the chap is quite sure how he’s going to go about publishing it. There’s a Facebook page for those who are interested.

Now, onto the more important book. I’ve finished the final page illustration for Carrie the Limping Lion! With much spittle and boogers, I’ve stuck the text into the images as well. (For the beta testers out there, no you haven’t been cut from the list. We just haven’t asked for opinions yet.) I have very little to do before we have the promised epub file to upload to Smashwords.
If you haven’t already (you heathen), you can read a little from the author via her blog!

Also, preorder your copy of Carrie the Limping Lion for a whole 3rd off the price! It costs only R24 on Kobo, and will go a long way to ensure that I don’t break down into a puddle of negative self esteem!
P.S Caroline’s the author. Caroline Bankart. Weird, I know.

Carrie’s Facebook page
Carries’ Kobo page
Carries’ Barnes & Noble page

Thanks in advance!

In other news. I’ve failed to hide Caroline’s tablet, and have gotten no attention from her since she came home four days ago. Apparently she has a 6th sense. The tablet sense. She can hear the tablet’s cries for help…. and not mine.

Ok, bye now. Sorry for the spammy post. At least it has a picture.


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