Look at My Grapes, My Grapes are Amazing

Give ’em a lick! They don’t taste like raisins…

They probably don’t taste like much at this point, really. They are smaller than mulberries, after all.

Today, I feel like slightly bragging about my wine- I mean grape vines! If you had seen the plant a year ago, you would think I’ve been feeding it litres of electrolytes (they’re what plants crave). When we moved in here, the vine (limp, twig?) was covered in weeds and about waist high, and had none of it’s own leaves. I didn’t even really know it was a grape vine. Now it’s crawling up nice and tall, and creeping wide, too. Here, look!
DSCF0349There are two of these bad boys creeping up the hoodickey-majig. Soon to be weighed down with grapes! Roughly a-bajillion percent more grapes than last year!
DSCF0350In the back there, you can make out a second grape vine starting to crawl along the wooden posts.

And yes. I plan to try and make wine out of my grapes.

I may have failed at starting my own little veggie patch when we moved in – bloody bush buck – but I’m doing alright helping what’s already here grow a little more. I’ve had my fingers in the grapes, goose berries, and bananas. The mulberries and figs don’t need any help doing their thing.
DSCF0351Bananas! I can’t reach them dead leaves, okay…

Finally, I have a pair of sweet potatoes growing in a crate! They need to be moved over to a bigger container soon, before popping them in the ground to multiply. I don’t think I’m ready to give my potatoes to the buck just yet.

The last final other thing that I’m doing is trying to grow a second mulberry tree from a cutting which I’m probably buggering up. It’s currently sitting in a bucket outside, slowly, slowly withering. I think I’ll plant that in about a week or two. I’m sure the buck will appreciate it greatly.

Caroline and I were working in the forest a little this morning. Chopping trees and making making fences! I don’t doubt that the clearing will be ready for the wedding in two months, the mead on the other hand may not be…. though our ideas for the mead have evolved a little, and it will definitely be ready enough for the new plan.
Brother is coming down soon to lend an arm or two with the clearing again. We’ll hopefully have the old-people platforms and stairs done by then. It’s still quite a mission trudging up and down the path. I would have uploaded a photo, but I didn’t want any of you to be disappointed.

Soon, I will buy horse poop and grow more things!

Before I disappear. Buck!
DSCF0187This was taken from my lounge, in case you didn’t know.

Keep your jealousy to yourself, please.


3 thoughts on “Look at My Grapes, My Grapes are Amazing

  1. Oi…I really hope that I’m not one of the people that needs an old-people platform…
    It’s actually so awesome that you have the problem of wild animals eating the food you’re growing…(#3rdworldproblems)
    What grapes are you growing? Some wine grapes don’t get very big…

    1. I’m making them just for you, I know how much your age is catching up with you.
      I agree! This is why I don’t chase them away for build high fences or anything like that. Whenever it rains, they come out and mow my lawn.

      I’m not sure. Round ones? They don’t get big at all, judging from last year. Small bunches with small grapes.

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