The Beering has Concluded

And other things.

This post is delayed as yesterday was tiring and somewhat eventful, but I’ll get in to that after far more important, even more delayed news!

My beer is delicious!

It has gained approval from Clint (owner of the Bootlegger, and supplier of brew related things), Wimpie the bottle store guy, mother (not a beer drinker), and Dave the random gay chap who works at Locals. Whoo!

In case you haven’t read my previous beer related posts (you may go and do that now, I won’t judge. The Beering has Begun, and The Penultimate Step in the Beering), my beer is an English Ale. Yes, yes, it is from a kit, but that just means that I got particular ingredients in fancy packaging, ok. I still had to look after the brew all on my lonesome. Anyway. I will now try to describe it to you because it will be finished far too quickly for anybody else to taste any.
Its colour is that of euphoria and it tastes surprisingly fruity – euphoria isn’t usually fruity. It smells like a mix between peach, apple,and bitter, leaving some of that nohce bitter taste behind in it’s tracks. It looks like this!


It’s glorious!

As of today, I’ve sold my first six-pack to my landlord!

I’ve also started my mead! I got the brew going three days ago, using 6kg of 100% pure fynbos honey and Mangrove Jack’s Belgian ale yeast! If you have never had fynbos honey, it’s like regular honey with approximately 12 times more flavor (besides the sweet) and is the colour of my beer up there (euphoria, that is).
It tastes of flowers, happiness, and guitar solos accompanied by flaming bees. As for the ale yeast (I seem to have a thing for ale, huh?): According to a chap who has been making mead for years, this yeast will result in moer kwaai (hit vicious, for you non Afrikaners)  mead that keeps the honey’s flavors really well and imparts more of that lovely peach-apple (peaple?) flavor.

Mmmmm peaple mead.

Hmm…. that’s not a bad name if ever I want to market it. No, not Peaple Mead, Moer Kwaai Mead! My logo will be a dog-toothed bee!

Clint (Bootlegger chap) reckons this yeast’s fermenting will be done in a week. I reckon it’ll be closer to two based on the last batch of mead. The last batch took about a month to ferment while my other experiments took about half that time. I was using horrid yeast, but it’s still an indication. It seems honey may be tougher for the yeast to eat up than other sugars. Either way, the fermenting will be done soon, and then the aging can begin! I know… isn’t brewing fun?

I think I may be looking forward to the mead’s conclusion as much as the beer’s!

Right, on to yesterday’s events.

My mother, during a trail run with 1km left to go, decided to sprint down a mountain to “make up time”.
So Caroline and I got to have an outing to Nature’s Valley (about an hour and a half away) to fetch The Maethro and take her to get X-rays, crutches, and a moon-boot. This is her second bout as an astronaut, and she’s already into the swing of things – only six hours after her fall she’s ordering me to bring her tea, and food while sitting on the couch looking sad, even though she’s high on pain killers and sipping my beer.

But, as I’m sure you can tell by her injury, she has unbelievably good luck! Her mom’s coming to visit her today! They will surely share many good times while gossiping, drinking wine… sitting… shopping? Uhm… drinking more wine? Hm. Sadly, my bustling social life will be keeping me from sharing in these tender moments.

There’s a bunch of other stuff going on. I think I’ve finally figured out how to get Carrie the Limping Lion and Smashwords playing well together. You don’t even know what an achievement that is.
I’ve got a bunch of mosquito jobs in that need to be swotted at, and a ‘social gathering’ that I need to be present at soon.
I’m also trying to write a little more. This time I’m using a more fleshed out idea Caroline and I had many moons back, in the hopes that I can spend more energy on the actual writing as opposed to the ideas. I’ll probably post that up here to be judged, as well.

Aaaaand I’m done now, bye.


3 thoughts on “The Beering has Concluded

  1. CLEARLY I’m going to be too late for the beer…but I’m looking forward to the mead…

    Dang! You made that beer sound like a choir….aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….

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