Beautiful, Bubbling airlocks

I’m just popping online to let you all know of my latest endeavor. Now that the mead is brewing, I was left with a choice: wait a month (or more) before I could continue with my brewing experiments, or buy another bucket!

I had to make a choice… and I did…

I’m making rooibos brandy! I think I’m making rooibos brandy… Hopefully it’ll turn out somewhere close to brandy anyway. Yesterday Caroline and I made about 17 litres of strong rooibos tea with loads of sugar. It has been stuffed into this bucket…
DSCF0445With the help of Stephen (Caroline’s dad), holes were put into the bucket for the tap down there and the lovely airlock up top! Can’t brew without an airlock.
DSCF0446The airlock! it works by keeping a layer of water (or vodka, to kill bacteria) between the outside air and the building pressure of the brew. As the pressure builds, it pushes the water up until the air bubbles through!

Caroline and I go to bed each night, lulled to sleep by the totally rhythmic, not at all inconsistent bubbling of our pet yeast colonies. Mmmm, delicious.

Today is a good day for my brews. The yeast works quicker at higher temperatures.  The mead wants it to be between 26 and 32 degrees celsius, the rooibos, I don’t know. I’m using awful, cheap yeast for that. Since the mead’s been going (starting about two weeks ago), it’s peaked at 20 degrees. Today, it’s over 30 degrees inside! Them yeasts are going crazy! I’m sitting at my desk, wearing as little as possible, moving even less, listening to my pretties up stairs. It’s so hot, even the bees are chilling in the shade.

In about 3 weeks both the mead, and the rooibos should be done and I can update ya’ll!


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