The bees are gone! The bees are gone! Well… almost.

For those of you who don’t know, for the past few months, we’ve had a little bee problem in our home. And by “a little bee problem”, I mean that there were two large hives growing in the wall. In. The. Wall. As in, they could get into the house whenever they thought we may have something sweet in there. 25 litres of very young mead, for example.

The bees had set up shop in the apex of our house, and behind the weather boards just below. Said shop, was right above our outdoor shower. Imagine having to shower (naked, of course) an arms reach away from an ever-growing swarm of bees. They’re not particularly aggressive bees, but they had their scary moments. Recently, our showers had become less relaxing, and more get-done-asap lest you be molested by bees!

(Imagine this is a photo of the bees, and that I didn’t forget to take a photo before they were removed.)

Back to the present, the bees are (mostly) gone! A father and son duo, Drongo Bee Removal, were here this morning to coddle the little monsters to a new home.DSC_0261

Notice the large amounts of protective attire needed for bee removal.

Sadly though, because of where they had put down, it wasn’t possible to relocate them. Generally, it’s done with a new beebox being left very close to the original hive’s location, queen and hive inside, for a few days, to let the bees get ‘settled’. Attaching a large box to the side of a house wasn’t viable, so the hive was just removed.DSC_0263The spoils!

Now, as you can imagine, the bees were none to happy about some bloke hacking their hive away with a pocket knife. DSCF0565
They went a little nuts… and I only got stung once!

This photo doesn’t really do them justice, because the hive is on the other side of the house with a fig tree in the way. My floor is now littered with the wee little, pointy bee corpses.

Though a lot of the bees may be dead or dying, it’s not a total loss. The bee catchers are also bee farmers! They would usually take the bees away and add them to their lot, so while they may not have gone away with the bees, they did take all the hive. They’ll build the hives into a couple boxes and start a new hive or two.

Dave (the landlord) was around with the bee catchers, and he’s seem to have gotten a new fervour for the property. He’s gotten a guy to come and take measurements of the incomplete structure, coat the wooden house with the stuff that makes wood happy, and there’s even talk of clearing away all the evil, alien, wattle. I think I may be sad that I’ll have less things to chop.

Other minor updates:

There’s the possibility of more t-shirt business on the horizon. I’ve been putting in a little work into the ‘Hard CAW’ (CAW being the number plate code for this area) idea from days of yore.Cradock-01 TrailRunning-01-01They may not be much yet, but they’re something to work with. If all my celestial bodies align, and my demi-gods and spirits are pleased with me, I may be selling shirts with these kinds of designs through a local sporting events company. This would open up a rather wealthy client base for me. Which would be nice.

Let’s see… bees, Dave’s fervour, t-shirts… What else…?
Oh yes! The brew!

Sorry, no news on the brew today. I have to wait a few hours before I take today’s reading to see if it really is ready.

Bye now.


7 thoughts on “Bees… AAGGH BEES!!

  1. Francios, can you do a ‘Hard CAW’ for T shirts on a hang gliding theme? Maybe…”Hang Gliding in Wilderness is…HARD CAW”

    Do you do the completed shirts or just the artwork?

    1. I was planning on doing one for hang gliding already! I have a couple ideas, I just have yet to put any time into it.
      I do the artwork, and I have reliable DTG printers that I use. Very nice people, and they charge fairly.

      By the way, I’m not sure ‘anonymous’ is your real name. Who may you be?

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