Life inside the swarm

As some of you may know, Caroline and I have been having an interesting experience involving bees. Now, I don’t know how clear I made it in the previous post, just how much of an experience it has been.

Life inside the swarm:

Now, let me start off by saying that in the last couple of weeks or so, I’ve really begun to feel part of the friendly bee swarm who took up residence in our roof. They really made me feel at home. I woke up every morning to their friendly scraping and buzzing over the stairs. They even went so far as to open up a little ‘window’ in the wall so as to be closer to me. Friendly little critters!

In the last day or so coming up to their very, very tragic eviction, they had become what some may consider, bad room mates (I however, would never say such a thing!). They would leave their carcasses all over the floor, and in our sinks. Beer bottles, empty packets, and other rubbish lay discarded in their wake. They would peep at Caroline in the shower, too. Not only that, but they would often be making a racket at awful hours! They just became too inconsiderate, so here we are.

Now that the hive has been removed, you’d think that the issue would be mostly resolved, right? The remaining American-college-movie bees would move off and we’d get our peace back. No, instead, we get more carcasses! DSCF0586No, those aren’t raisins, those are the bees from the foot of our stairs.

It had gotten bad enough that we had to shake the damned things out of our bedding at night! They even get into my hair, under my clothes, and in my face – if I ever had any fear of bees, it’s long gone by now.

On the plus side, they DO seem to be moving off, slowly. They no longer huddle in the roof. Instead, they huddle in a pot plant… closer to the shower.
Me, being the super-genius that I am, decided to take a closer look at them, after all, they are now close enough to poke without hanging out of a window! So, without the often-needed parental supervision present, I proceeded to crouch next to where all the bees spend their time buzzing, huddling, and dying… barefoot.

It went about as well as you’d expect.DSCF0587I have trouble walking. In fact, today is a hopping day. I’m getting pretty good at it, too! I haven’t even fallen over in the last 15 minutes. And no, I didn’t step on a bee, that’s just where it happened to sting me…

On the bright side, I got a photo of the huddlers!DSCF0582Caroline reckons that at most, this huddle is 5% of the bees that were in our roof, and I don’t think she’s too far off.

I also got a short video. I know, I’m amazing.

In the video, our shower is to the left of me.

They’re pretty aggressive at the moment, which is apparently a sign that they’ll be gone soon? Bees are weird.

In other news, the rooibos was ready to be distilled, but I’m having trouble finding stuff to clean the still with…. so I added another kg of sugar to it, and it’s bubbling away stubbornly.

A while ago, I bought a camera tripod for R30! There isn’t even anything wrong with it. Yesterday I bought a battery charger, which means that I will be messing around with my camera a bunch more from now one. I may even start taking decent photos eventually!
Next thing to get is a decent camera….

Caroline’s Carrie the Limping Lion is FINALLY available for purchase, no thanks to Smashwords. Bunch of inbred neanderthals.
Anyway, follow the link and buy it because of reasons that are good.

Carrie the Limping Lion

P.S: Shout out to all the new likees and followers! You guys are adequate!


3 thoughts on “Life inside the swarm

    1. Except that I’m the fooling terran who wades through the horde of zerglings along.

      By the way, I’ve been playing a lot of HotS, but I need a human opponent. AI is boring.

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