Caroline bought me a ring!

…or did I buy it? The line is pretty fuzzy. In any case, there is a second ring, now.

For those of you who don’t know, Caroline (she’s the woman in the relationship) and I are getting married in January next year.

I have been teasing Caroline a lot lately about the fact that she’s gotten a gold, diamond, sapphire family heirloom engagement ring, and I have gotten nothing!

The humanity!

So, a month or so ago, (I’m probably way off) we went to Mr. Albo Van Dyk, a goldsmith in town, about getting a ring made for me. I was never very interested in marriage, never mind a piece of jewelry to signify it, so the visit put me very much out of place. After chatting about the various rings in stock, ideas I had had, and the mechanics of the universe, we spoke about having a simple ring made with some kind of wood inlay – stones are for women and children!
We eventually settled on a very nice, subtle ring at a good price, too. Obviously, we couldn’t afford it, having the collective income of a waitress and an artist.

We’ve put that plan on hold for now….

We went to the (detested) mall yesterday for various reasons which did not specifically involve a ring. We had previously come across one of those booths in the center walkway, between the shops that was selling steel jewelry, and half-way between speaking to a cellphone ISP about a contract, had decided to buy me a wedding ring.

This was about as ceremonial as I like. What I ended up with is a thin, steel ring that fits lightly around my finger and doesn’t bug me much through out the day. This is a real contradiction of what it represents.

As some one who doesn’t wear any kind of paraphernalia, I need to get used to the ring. I’m constantly fidgeting with it – pulling it off, adjusting it, fiddling it with it in some way or other. It’s a constant, warm, moist(?), band around my flesh.

On one hand, I think it may be a sign of things to come. On the other hand, I’ve been living with Caroline for almost 4 years, and I like to think that I know her fairly well by now.

In any case, I now have a ring, and it’s weird.


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