I Got a Job!

Apparently, getting married is good for something! Caroline and I did a short little trip to Knysna’s Diepwalle forest for camping goodness (it still counts if there are power points…. kind of…), and microbrewery visits as a mostly honeymoon.
Even though it was closed that day, Redbridge was one of the places Caroline and I stopped at on our tiny roadtrip. It’s part of a group of shops that include a furniture shop, and a little coffee shop. The owner of said little coffee shop was kind enough to take us into the brewery and sell us bunches of beer on the behalf of Redbridge! We got to chatting about Redbridge, Darren (new boss man), and the need for help around the place. One thing led to another, the explosive melt-down was successfully averted, saving all of the beer in town, and I was offered a job for my outstanding heroism, and skills in beard-fu!

Ok, actually the open post was just mentioned and I left my details and the normal process happened….. Way more exciting, huh….?

Anyway, we went through yesterday to actually meet Darren and chat about what he’s looking for. I think it helped that our meeting was concluded with us having a beer and chatting about my brewing experiments. Yay interest in alcohol!

To conclude this little update, We’re moving to Knysna because I got a job at a brewery! Whoo! Redbridge Brewing Co. to be exact. It’s a 2(ish) year old microbrewery in Knysna that’s recently moved into a new space and needs some expansion! I’ll be looking after a large portion of the brewing process, as well as bottling, capping, and labeling… normal stuff. I’ll also have to look after the bar whenever somebody rings the pretty cool bell. I will have many an opportunity to put on my Lurch impression!
The pay is adequate with promise of increasing when the brewery grows, which I don’t doubt will be soon. They make some pretty great beer.

Damn… I should have taken some decent photos of the place… the only one here is stolen from the internet.


2 thoughts on “I Got a Job!

  1. Woohoo!! Congrats!
    Is this the happily ever after bit?

    Didn’t you leave out the bit about your wife getting offered a job? ;o)

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