Bloody Typical!

Now… don’t get me wrong. I do think I struck some kind of ore vein in landing the job at Redbridge. Maybe not gold as such, but some sort of ore none-the-less.
Anyway, to get to a point – for many months now, I’ve been looking for a job. To be specific, I’ve been looking for a part-time or flexible job that would provide me with a bit of steady income, as well as time for my freelancing/tree chopping/couch potato days. I wasn’t particularly interested in a full-time job, nevermind a full-time job in another town, so here we are.

The exclamation of “Bloody Typical!” comes from the fact that just one week into the new job, which I’m enjoying, by the way, I hear about two other jobs. The one… get this… would be doing exactly the same thing I am now… 30 minutes away, as opposed to 50 minutes away! Robertson’s Brewery is also looking for an apprentice, and they’re in George! What makes it even worse, is that I heard about this from Clint, the Bootlegger guy, who is looking for help with the shop…. 3 days a week. That would fit what I was looking for to the letter. I would have still been able to freelance, and learn about brewing (it is a brewing shop, after all).


Even though there’s really no choice here, there’s always a choice.

Option number one. I stick it out with Redbridge, hoping that we find a place to stay closer by soon, meanwhile travelling at least an hour and a half everyday. There’s nothing in Sedgefield (Which is halfway between where we are now, and work), and there’s even slimmer pickings in Knysna (work).
Cons – the hours are on the fence, the work is tiring, the travelling is awful, and the pay is mediocre.
Pros – I’m getting good experience and learning how to run a brewery, the boss seems cool so far, and it’s an actual job for my CV that follows one of my interests.

Option number two. I tell Darren (boss man) that he must look for somebody else, and continue to work while he does, eventually leaving Redbridge for The Bootlegger.
Cons – the daily pay is the same, so I wouldn’t be making as much as a steady income, and it’s retail.
Pros – 3 days a week means that I would continue to freelance, and draw a bunch more, the work isn’t nearly as tiring, and we wouldn’t have to move out of our forest and into a little city.

I keep telling myself that I didn’t move out of the city to a place like this just so I can drive to work early every day and get home late, too tired to do much. What a frustration.

What are your opinions, oh minions?

Some other updates I haven’t mentioned:

I finally got orthotics, so my feet are no longer so squonk, and I can walk without buggering up my body, which is nice.
Got some more beer going – a stout this time, and I plan to make (technically) wine from the grapes in my garden.
I also took part in the Global Game Jam, which is a competition without the actual competition part. You (and a team, maybe) have 48 hours to build a game from scratch around a theme. I was (obviously) one of the illustrators they roped in.
I’ve probably forgotten a whole bunch of stuff, sorry.

I must now go to bed, it’s way past my bedtime, and I need to be up at 4am tomorrow… and the next day… and the day after that… and the one after that… and after that….


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