End of the Very Short Road

It looks like my excitement(?) over my being hired by Redbridge was a bit premature… or something… as I was destined for but a month of service to Darren.

There are a couple factors that contribute to the situation:

I don’t really get much out of the work – I’m left to my own devices to follow a recipe to the letter. There’s no ‘why’ or ‘how’ to what I’m doing, I must just do it. I know it’s barely been a month, but so far it’s not really much of an apprenticeship. The work is tough enough that I’m knackered at the end of everyday, and the weekend is spent only resting. This would all be manageable if I got something more tangible out of the work.

I’ve learnt something else over the last 3 weeks since starting work at the brewery, and that is that working at a brewery stinks. Literally. By the end of almost everyday, I’m covered in wort (the sweet, sticky, unfermented beer), sweat, and every kind of small, flying insect imaginable. Not so great. On top of that, the work day starts at 6am and ends around 4pm, which means that I’m away from 5am to 5pm.

Another thing… it turns out that everybody wants to live in Knysna – for what reason, I can’t say. This means that finding a place that isn’t either a single room or the price of a small child each month is practically impossible, and I ‘aint gonna drive an hour each way just to work there… nuh-uh!
So I’ve got a shaky week left before I finally have free time again, in which case I may go and get myself hired by the Bootlegger, which would be cool. For those of you who don’t know, The Bootlegger is the homebrew shop that recently opened up in the village down the road. Run by the amiable Clint Croft (Craft?), it is the catalyst behind a lot of my brewing experiments.
That’d be a part-time job – only two or three days a week, and considering petrol and wear on the car, I would make more money than I do at Redbridge!

Right… let’s see. Apart from my face being melted off by a gas explosion, a chemical burn, and new soles, there’s really nothing else to add to that.

One section down, one to go!

Caroline and I spent Saturday morning at the OCC – Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge… yes, wheelchair starts with a C. It’s a marathon for paraplegics here in George where Caroline’s doing some of the timekeeping. I’m just here bumming for free stuff.
The reason I mention this, is for the magical performer! Halfway through her very spirited song, she stopped to urge everybody…. EVERYBODY ‘Come on everyone! Stand up!’ followed by a very long second of silence.

The event had an attendance of about 1390 paraplegics, you know, people with an impaired lower half.

I guess you had to be there….

In other very exciting news, I plan to start drawing up a comic strip or picture to accompany each blogpost as a way to keep practicing! I’ve become very lax with my illustration, mostly just doodles at work, and it’s high-time I get back into it!

….next next week….



One thought on “End of the Very Short Road

  1. Bwahahaha! Thanks for the breakfast chuckles!

    I’ve always believed life is (also) a process of elimination…maybe you got all you needed from Redbridge..
    Maybe, if you’re right back where you started, you already were where you are meant to be…and who wants to be covered in worts (sic) at the end of every work day? ?


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