Don’t Worry, I Haven’t Died!

Sorry for the stretch of silence. I know that I’m like, the sole source of entertainment for you guys, I’ll try to keep it from happening again.

I’ve been getting a lot fan(e)mail from a whole bunch of very worried readers recently – it seems they thought I’d died. I guess after hearing that the bees have moved back into the roof, they might have thought that I had gotten stung or something after spraying them bees with very smelly stuff as an attempt at deterrent. Well the bees didn’t really seem to care much, so violence wasn’t on their mind… and I did not die.

Or maybe it was the monkeys they thought may have gotten me. See, I got my hands on a kettie to fling stones at them bloody monkeys while they stuff their ugly mugs with figs from my shower-tree.

For all you foreigners, this is a kettie.

For all you foreigners, this is a kettie.

Sadly, they already know a kettie means pain and scatter at the sound of me. I am leveling up my sneak skill though, and soon they’ll get what’s coming to them!

Anyway, no I’m not dead, I’m just very lazy… and tired. So, so tired.

Work has been fine, thanks for asking. Caroline and I have been doing things for a company called Kotive. We’ve been doing taskflows, which are basically automated workflows for menial office work. We’ve been making templates that the clients will work from and change for their needs. While this may sound like a bunch of fun, it isn’t exciting for me. It ‘aint graphic work!
Caroline on the other hand, seems to enjoy doing them a bunch more. Here’s one that she did. (It starts with a write-up)
A long list of short supplies

Caroline’s arthritis has been getting tenacious, so she’s taking a break from being a waitress, which means that I need to start getting my freelance on again, which I’m really super looking forward to!
So, soon this blog will be getting a bit of an adjustment to include some kind of a decent gallery, and a contact page.
I wonder if I can embed my coroflot or artly website into this one…

As promised, a comic strip! Sorry it’s so rubbish, I’m out of practice.



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