Living With the Collie, Badger

First off, I’d like to just say this: bear with me on this post for two reasons. One, We’ve had little Badger (formerly Collin) for about a week now, so I kind of have to write a post about him. Two, I’ve been having to write with American spelling, so some of that horrible spelling may slip through the cracks. Apologies.

We have a puppy!

Yes. A real life actual puppy has, by no choice of its own, taken up residence with us. A little hyper active, super fluffy border collie who should have been named Collin is currently keeping my feet warm with his soft little belly.
He’s pretty clever for a 3 month old ball of hair and poop. He (usually) asks to be let out for his potty breaks, (sometimes) sits when we tell him to, responds to his name (occasionally), and even sleeps through the night (in between noisy playing). Yup, he’s the dream dog!
I kid, I kid. He really is one of the easier animals I’ve had to deal with by a long shot, but soon I’m going to start running with him. as some of you may know, collies were breed to literally run around sheep all day. So, in an effort to combat my ever growing beer belly, and to keep my belongings in tact, (read: keep Badger busy) I shall run.

Competition time!

I’ve hopped on the competition bandwagon like all the other sellouts, and I won a logo competition for the local brewers club! It won me a R1000 voucher at The Bootlegger! It’s this one…


I hope to spend my lovely voucher on equipment so that I can start full grain brews at home soon – I’m getting tired of kit beer. Not that R1000 will get me much at all. A decent, small brew kettle runs about R1500, and the actual, decent kettles are about R2500. Never mind the other bits that I want.

The other comp is being hosted by… this one I will definitely not win. The guys on that site are so far out of my league it’s not even funny, but I ‘aint doin’ it to win. I’m doing it because I get to draw a dwarf taking a selfie!

WIPIn case you don’t know… it is still a ‘work in progress’ at this point. It’ll most likely end up being a lot less colourful, and generally blue…er…

That’s all from me for today! Still a little written-out, and now I have to get back to that there writing job.
P.S if you want to comment, don’t worry about filling in the email, name, or website fields if you don’t want to, though a name is probably a good idea. My blog is set to not look for those, WordPress just doesn’t know how to not ask. WordPress is needy.



4 thoughts on “Living With the Collie, Badger

  1. Damn, but you’re funny, son! I’m intrigued that your pup also likes to sleep on your feet. Must be a collie thing. We’re very much in love with ours. Hot tip – spend some money at a charity so and buy as many fluffy toys as you can. Teach their names to pup. Then sit back and watch people’s heads explode from the cuteness when pup trots by with a teddy bear in its mouth!

    1. He likes to sleep on all my limbs, I guess the feet are just the easiest.
      Well, Badger already drags around his giant (about 6 times his size) teddy dog to where he wants to sleep on it, so that’s pretty close!

  2. Oh for goodness sake! All this puppy talk its not good for my peace of heart and I think you are all ganging up on me! I look forward to meeting him 🙂

  3. He is a gorgeous, very very busy little boy. I very almost adopted his brother, but was convinced not to take a Collie as they are too busy and I am too busy to entertain him. And Budger is confirming that! He is indeed very busy. He flops down on the wooden floor occassionally inbetween being crazy hyper, but then promptly gets up again to chase whatever comes his way….. Cute as a puppy! Oh wait …

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