Migrating Away From the Bees, to Medium

Yes. You understood that correctly. The bees are back in force even though I wrote all those darned posts about the buggers, because of this, I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress is the root cause of the bee problem. My solution: move to Medium!

For the initiated of you, Medium is a site purely for writers (blogging or otherwise), and readers I suppose. The articles I read on there are often great reads! Now, I don’t want to imply that my articles will fit right in with the rest, but it’ll be a shweet place to get readers, and pick up some good habits from other writers. Plus, y’know… people already flock there to read nonsense.

Slowly, I’m going to be reposting the posts I have on here to Medium while still writing new ones. Once my Medium posts have caught up to my WordPress posts, I may forsake WordPress completely, so if you do enjoy reading my dribble, that’s where you’ll get it!

Ok, back to other things. I just now read an article by Mr. Jonas Ellison titled “How One Year of Daily Blogging Changed my Life“, and I think I’d like to try it soon. Some of you may know that I did a sketch a day for a short while which turned into illustration a day which was not very sustainable.

1 - Guppy Playing

Notice a difference at all?

Anyway, I think daily short blog posts will be easier to maintain.

I’ll also finally be sorting out my bicycle pretty soon as I’ve gotten way fat. I think my stomach has a double chin. My rear derailleur somehow got seriously bent a while back and I haven’t been cycling since, so I’m going to clean everything up nice and shiny like and pop the chain back on without my derailleur. This means that I will only have the front 3 gears instead of the usual 18 gears. It’s okay though,  I usually don’t use more than 3 gears anyway.


In other news! Pup knows what ‘rope’ means! We can tell him to go and fetch his rope and he’ll come back with his toy rope thing!

He does a whole bunch of other things too, usually involving poop in the bedroom… but his cuteness with his rope and giant teddy usually makes up for that.

Otherwise…. all is normal-ish. Gonna get my beer brewing setup sorted out properly soon (read, eventually). There’s a possibility of free mead honey from a local farmer and Con. We also have more internet through no fault of our own!

No doodle for you guys today for you are not worthy, also I’m going to go and waste a whole lot of time reading about beer and bicycles with my new internet now.


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