Upwork, Drawception, Beer. The Essentials.

This is my post for the day. It won’t be shared on Facebook or anything, so good job on finding it! …I guess.

I’ve climbed back onto the online freelancer horse with Upwork. They’re the love child of Elance and Odesk, which hopefully means most of the good and less of the crap. Elance had degraded awfully by the time I left it. Freelancers were paid buggerall, and client expectations were ridiculously high. So far, it seems that Upwork’s promise for better job postings has been kept, which is a real nice change from having to sift through pages of postings just to get one or two bottom-of-the-barrel projects. Anyway, optimistic as I am, I’m still cautious – you’ll hear about it if things go terribly awry.

I’ve found a new awesome website that all of you peeps should check out! It’s called Drawception!  It’s that silly broken telephone game we all played as kids (‘sept if you’re ancient) crossed with Draw Something! One person gets a description for a doodle, then the next person takes the doodle and gives it a new description (based on what they can make out of the terrible drawing) which is then used by a new new person for their drawing. Once it’s gone through several renditions, the results are shown….? I dunno, I haven’t actually gotten that far yet. Anyway, check it out!

Beer beer beer beer! Soon I will spend my Bootlegger voucher on beer stuff! I’ve decided to spend it on a malt mill for milling my malt, and the ingredients I’ll need for my first full grain brew! A SMaSH (single malt and single hop) brew! If all goes well, it’ll turn out as an American Pale Ale, which is a style of ale that is really high in calories, wields guns, and is… pale. Otherwise it may end up being urine. Actually… urine is the end result either way, huh.

I’m glad you understand.

Also, I may have lied about the Facebook thing.


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