Sweet -Pea -Potatoes and -Dwarves!

It’s time for a tiny update!

I’ve finished my first ever challenge on Artstation.com! The theme was ‘The Journey’ and I was taking part in the 2D character illustration side of it. Here’s my entry!
The Journey_SmallIt’s meant to evoke some kind of story from the little bit I give you here. I don’t know if I’ve done that, but I sure did enjoy doing it! You can see the full size image and the progress shots here. I’m quite happy with how the mountains turned out – it’s my first time getting a landscape really right! …and I only used a whole lot of reference…

I already have an idea for my next decent illustration, and it involves my gargantuan sweet potato plant!

This one!

This one!

I’m gonna use that as a setting for something creepy I hope!

And lastly, I’mma have a baby! Recently, Caroline discovered that she will be birthing into this world, a cross between herself and I but not at all in the horrid and frightening way that comes to mind.


So, not like this.

Aw look! It has my beard! …and Caroline’s cheeks, eyes, and mouth… so cute.


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