Moped Mo’ Troubles

I have a moped! I’ve dreamt of this since I was but a wee lass! Well, since seeing that movie about the kid with a moped who was trying to Evel Knievel all the time anyway. And it wasn’t really dreaming about it… more like “hey, that’s pretty cool and I want one”-ing… about it…


I have a moped! And it’s not one of those silly scooter-with-pedals nonsense, it’s an incredibly ugly, incredibly dirty little red bicycle with a glorious 66cc engine bolted precariously to the body. I’ve been on like, 3 whole trips with it! And I haven’t died!
When I got it, it was riddled with leaks all along the fuel line which have now mostly been patched up, it had mismatching wheels, a slew of tween brand stickers, and you couldn’t change gears even a little. Not to mention the rear derailleur was held on with two cable ties. Now, I don’t know if you know this, but my mechanical know-how goes as far as the driver’s seat of a properly working car. I even know how to move said seat back and forth!

Hold your applause.

The mechanic I got it from doesn’t seem to know how bolts work. The vast majority of bolts I’ve looked at so far, be it to remove the exhaust, or have a look at the fuel intake, have been stripped. I don’t mean that it’s not biting quite as well as it should be. I mean it’s like he took the biggest drill he had and thought, “Yup, this’ll work” while beating at it furiously.

So, a big portion of today has been spent tinkering with little Mo, trying to sort out the last issues before it’s ready for active duty. First thing was to stop the biggest, baddest (and last apparent) leak of the lot. It seems I’ve succeeded by completely scrapping the valve and bolt and clamping the line straight onto the bolt’s incredibly stripped opening. But there’s another leak…. and this one… seems to be coming from the air… filter…

Oh boy.

It’s fun having a project.

Oh, a side note. Tomorrow we find out whether baby butt-face carries a pistol or not!

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