How Brewing Beer is like Eating

This week in ‘Things Beer Made Me Say’: How brewing beer is totally exactly like eating no I’m not making this up! So, to illustrate my point, I’m going to go through my recent brew day step by step.

In case you’ve never eaten before, I start by heating copious amounts of water and crushing up some grains, you know, chewing. I sit down to mash my terrible food. For a whole hour I sit and chew and chew and chew as the amylase enzyme in my saliva slowly converts the starches into digestible sugars! This is pretty crucial if I actually want my body to do anything worthwhile today.

Now to put that sugary mess where it’s needed most! I uh…. I swallow it… yup. Swallow.

The second step to digestion begins to unfold in my pot of a stomach with the help of acid! Everything that’s in there now is pretty much liquid, and slowly getting hotter – the stomach acid further breaks all the bits down, as well as destroying a lot of unwanted nasties that all your food obviously has, you trash monkey.

From there, everything flows into the small intestines – down through the turns and folds of the narrow pipe, very important things going on along the way. Stomach acid is neutralised, proteins are precipitated, and the liquid goodness is transferred to the large intestines for fermen- digestion!

Digestion in the large intestine can take anywhere from one to two weeks….

Oh alright, now I’m just talking out of my ass, so I guess the beer is done! Yay!

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