Yup, I Brewed a Baby

And that’s why I’ve been s’darn silent for s’darn long!

But before I get into baby nonsense (nobody wants to read about that, anyway), I need to inform you that I’ve brewed more beer! Yes, yes, startling I know.

I have an accidental porter which is almost all finished up – way too bitter to fit the style, but it works great in a brass monkey! That is, half bitter death, half orange juice!
And tomorrow I’m bottling my dry English ale that hopefully won’t suck!

Apart from lovely beer, the mead is done and handed off to the rather impressed honey-man, which means that I’ll likely be getting more honey for more mead! And now that I know what I’m doing a little better, I should be able to get a whole bunch more mead out of that same amount of honey!
This batch of is quite different to the wedding mead. Semi-sweet traditional mead with pretty prominent floral notes. The wedding mead is almost all pollen flavours.

And lastly, I made me some cider from old fruit that I’ve been storing up. It’s bottled and aging – no clue if it’ll be any good though. Here’s hoping!

Since I’ve fixed up my laptop, I’ve started drawing again! I think that long break did my doodling the world of good – most of what I’ve been drawing has been coming out pretty good! Here, I’ll show you one.


Pretty neat, huh?

Well, I think that’s all fo- what? What’s that?

I’ve forgotten something?

No I hav- ….oh right. The baby. Shoulda known. that’s all you bloody people want to know about! What about poor Badger? What about Caroline? What. About. Beer.

No…. only the baby. Fine.

Here’s the Tiber.

16649393_10155741647044018_7353641241656951572_n 16711668_10155737364719018_4247006166801113397_n 16729136_10155745817164018_3996939944024847652_n 16730333_10155727092004018_9209915830697387104_n


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